I am a 27-year-old creative girl who was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. I have always had big dreams of career and travel. I have a degree in packaging design and enjoy design, writing and photography, all in which I’m experienced in, amongst many other things.

I have done projects such as photographing for websites and making product posters, as well as working as a portrait photographer and a photojournalist for a smaller magazine. On this website you can see a collection of some of my photographs. The website is under construction and will soon also involve my design portfolio.

My photographic interest and style: I have a very broad style and create according to mood, surroundings and ideas. Beautiful sceneries such as forests, seas and beautiful, older architecture attracts me and I like to photograph at such places. I want to create images with a lot of feeling, that reflect personalities and spirit, with a personal touch.

Maybe we get to meet one day and create the beauty of design or a photograph together!